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  • Gregory Curylo

Bowen Technique vs Psoriasis

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Recently I had an occasion to treat one of the most difficult to treat skin diseases - Psoriasis.

It is a chronic inflammation of the skin which causes skin inflamed red, flaky, and over-decorticate.

This type of condition can be caused by many reasons, from genetic predispositions, HIV, microbes to lifestyle and psychological stress (psychosomatic disorder). Although it can affect any part of the body, it usually appears on elbows, chest, face, fingernails, knees, scalp. Approximately 2% of the population in the UK before 35-year-old has had Psoriasis condition, within both male and female equally. Psoriasis is not determined by age and can be developed anytime.

Treatment for psoriasis varies from traditional NHS solutions such as creams, phototherapy or medical injections. Alternative medicine uses Chinese herbs and acupuncture, homeopathy, diet and finally Bowen Technique.

I would like to share my experience treating Psoriasis with Bowen Technique. A 37 years old woman came to my clinic looking for advice. Psoriasis affected her face, chest, elbows, and hand. She has suffered from this condition for around 4 years. She tried conventional treatment with no significant effect. She tried cleansing herbs with mild temporary effects. She tried a new diet with moderate effect. But Psoriasis still remained.

On the first visit, I looked at her detailed medical history. After that, I explained to her my treatment plan. I decided to give her basic Bowen treatment, with the golden rule "less is better", and I was right. For the first three days after treatment, she felt very, very bad. Emotionally, and physically including mood swings and even heart palpitation. After those days she noticed a sudden energy increase, mood improvement, and general well-being. BUT most importantly, the red, flaky patches on her face and chest were disappearing.

Over the next three follow-up treatments, I was adding bit more specific procedures to affect internal organs such as kidneys, stomach, liver, etc. and stimulate body detoxication and relaxation. Also, I suggested to her take NEEM herb which in Ayurveda is No.1 for skin problems.

Results were just astonishing and after 4th treatment Psoriasis was gone in 95% (only a bit on elbows remained, and is in a healing process).

To summarize Psoriasis can be developed by stress accumulated in our bodies, which showed my patients' emotional release which in my opinion caused symptoms. As a BT practitioner, I observed many times the emotional release of my patients during or after BT, followed by improvement of presented initial conditions. This case was a great experience for me as a practitioner, very successful treatment for my client and another proof of BT effectiveness.

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