Here are some of our clients' comments.

Gregory was knowledgable about the body and almost completely released the lock I was experiencing down my left side. We began the session by testing my range of movement and ended with the same movements which really highlighted how much tension he'd released. The studio was clean, professional and they were really careful with masks, cleanliness and Covid protocols. To top it off, the massage was totally affordable. I would strongly recommend both Gregory and the Rebalance Clinic

///Evangeline Katz - Office worker

Soft tissue therapy

I am very pleased with Gregory’s therapy. He has helped me deal with my anxiety through the Bowen technique. He was always professional and friendly. Highly knowledgeable, and found the best approach to suit my body. I have initially started with manual therapy which relieved me from lower back and knee pain (with additional independent exercise).


I still continue with the Bowen technique to help my period pain which can be a long process for some women. With the addition of intolerance test (that I've done with him) had reduced my headaches and stomachache massively. Within 4 months seeing him once a week or sometimes every two weeks made a lot of improvement for my overall health.
Highly recommend!

///Ekateriana - Student

Bowen Technique

I had really tight hamstrings and pain in my lower back - 1 Bowen therapy session saw more improvements than anything else I've ever done. I don't understand how it works, but it does.

///Peter - Office worker

Thight hamstring and lower back pain - Bowen Technique

Leech therapy was a great help to my swollen fingers (first RA symptoms). Even though I was scared at first Greg made me feel at ease and all went well. The swelling subsided the next day. Highly recommend!

///Aga - Office worker

Rheumatoid arthritis in hands - Medicinal Leech Therapy

Some months ago I fell down the stairs in my house. Within next 2 days a huge bruise developed, my right buttock was swollen and hard, and felt numb and stiff. I was really uncomfortable, could hardly walk, sit or lie down because of the pain. I was looking for a therapy to help me quickly, as I was going to travel in a few days.


Due to previous experience I knew that using the medicinal leeches would be helpful. I found the therapist, Gregory, who was able to see me straight away. I had 2 sessions, altogether Gregory used 5 or 6 leeches. I felt the difference immediately. The buttock was less swollen and not as hard as before and the bruise was not so dark anymore. Also I was able to move better and with less effort. The pain lessened a lot and I was able to sleep with some comfort.


Unfortunately due to traveling I was not able to continue with a few more sessions, however I think that without using the leeches my travel which involved 2.5 hours flight and 2 hours drive would not be possible at all. Thank you for your help Gregory.

///Bożena Zegarlińska - Pensioner

Post-traumatic bruising & swelling - Medicinal Leech Therapy

I decided to try the Bowen method in Gregory's practice - in order to get rid of quite extensive facial and scalp psoriasis. So far, all the specifics along with changing the diet did not bring significant results. After 4 Bowen sessions psoriasis has disappeared and to this day there is no recurrences. An additional surprising element was that after 1 session I stopped smoking cigarettes. The Bowen method allows you to relax, and release the unlimited amounts of energy - I highly recommend. Thank you, Gregory!!!

///Micha - Chartered Accountant

Psoriasis - Bowen Technique

I met Greg through my father, who is currently going through treatment. Greg provided me with Bowen treatment for my Hay Fever which I have been suffering from for over 5 years. Although I was sceptical at first, a few days after the treatment, all most symptoms disappeared and it's been a few months now without any issues. I could not be happier.

///Umar - Account Coordinator

Hay Fever - Bowen Technique

I first came across Greg when I required some sports massage therapy. I keep myself very active: we weekly schedule includes 2x weight sessions, 2x wrestling and about 150km worth of cycling on top of that. The result is that after a period of time I build up a lot of stress and tensions in my muscles that inevitably leads to injury (even for a 32 yr old.)


After a few of the sports massage sessions I really noticed the difference: I wasn’t in constant pain, I was becoming more limber and I was enjoying my sport more. My visits to Greg were sporadic but I noticed the first time in many years that I felt like something had changed in my performance - I wish I had decided to have sports massages earlier on as part of a my regular fitness regime!


After one of my sessions I noted to Greg that I had had a nagging groin injury for about 6 months that would’t go away. He suggested that I try Bowen treatment, after great success his other clients had had. I was skeptical as it wasn’t something I was familiar with. I have had my fair share of physio treatments of my life: muscle manipulation, dry needling, massage, but never considered something strange like Bowen.


To describe one of our 1 hour sessions is a bit silly: Greg performs very small, subtle movements, kind of like flicking-motions, of certain nerves in your body. Once he has done a few, he leaves the room for 2mins, then returns to do the same on another body part. To make a long story short: this stuff is AMAZING! I decided to give it a go and do it once a week for 6 weeks. I can no confidently say my groin muscle pain has gone away, I am so much more limber than I was before and pain free. Before I was an avid support of sports massage but now I won’t even bother - I am sold on Bowen. I don’t know how it works but it does and thats what is important for me.


I can’t recommend Greg enough, you have really helped me mate, looking forward to our next session. Thank you very much!

///Bobby Mules - Security Engineer

Groin pain, regular maintenance treatments - Sports massage + Bowen technique

A few months back, I've had tooth infection, I went to the dentist which gave me antibiotics before I can get the tooth done. After a week and a half infection was back. So I heard from a friend to try less conventional ways, to not take antibiotics again. That's when I heard about Greg and that he removes infections and pains of a different sort by using leeches. It took about an hour and the results were great, the infection was gone for the next 2 weeks, until the time of my appointment with the dentist, who was also very surprised not to see any infection. Process was painless, only slightly uncomfortable, but definitely worth doing for its results.

///Peter - Mechanic

Tooth infection - Medicinal Leech Therapy

After being involved in a car accident in 2009 my back and joints have never been the same.

Over the years, many doctors saw me and gave me several types of medication, lots of pills to help my pain and help me sleep as I could not sleep due to the pain.

Several years later my body shut down due to the amount of medication I had been taking, that it also had a negative effect on my bowels, by this stage I could not hold down a full time job due to my severe pain.

By 2016 my body was so bad, I felt like I was 100 years old not 40.

I decided to go cold turkey and do 5 sessions of accupunture however, this treatment did not work for me.

I spoke to Greg over the phone and explained my condtions and we made a 5 week plan for Bowen treatment. After the 5 treatments my elments had dissapeared barring my right leg.

My GP and I are amazed with the recovery. I  never thought I would have my life back.

Thank you Greg, see you monthly!

///Gary - Teacher

Migraine, dizzy spells, groin pain, golfers elbow, knees and lower back pain - Bowen technique

We are professional sportsmen (Ballroom dancing) and he helps us a lot ! Greg knows exactly what we need and he is a first person we go to whenever we have a problem or just preparing for major competitions. He is a great addition to our team helping us reach our professional goals. Would definitely recommend to anyone involved in sports! You are in safe hands here!

///Iaroslawa and Tomasz - Professional dancers

Regular maintenance treatments - Sports massage + IASTM + kinesiotaping

After falling down the stairs I had issues with my left shoulder - reduced mobility and quite a lot of pain which did not go. Greg was amazing, after only one session with him my shoulder improved a lot, he gave me also some simple exercises to do at home and after a week my shoulder was absolutely fine! Definitely will go to him if anything else happens and I totally recommend Greg to anyone in need of help.

///Kasia - Digital Marketing Specialist

Shoulder pain - Bowen technique

I have had a number of sessions with Greg, the most memorable being the first one or two. During the first two sessions I had a strong feeling of heaviness during most of the session but at the end a sudden feeling of brightness and alertness. On my return home after the first session despite it being quite late in the evening my flatmate commented on how much more vibrant I seemed compared to how I normally look when I return home late in the evening and I felt this too. After 2 of 3 sessions during which Greg focused more on my heavy legs over the Easter Break I experienced flu like symptoms for a couple of days including some nausea but when I walked for the first time after that period my legs felt much lighter than usual. The later sessions seemed to have less noticeable effects and unfortunately due increasing pressure of work and my own study I have been unable to continue having sessions with him at present. However I have recommended Greg to colleagues in my office should they be interested in experiencing this form of bodywork in future. 

///Caroline - Office worker

Fatigue & heaviness - Bowen technique

I came to Greg with a pain in my neck (stiffness, tiredness) and a pain in my left ear (pain during the night, problems with sleeping, the ear is clean and healthy from medical point). I had issues from time to time with them for several years. After a first session I was very sleepy and tired and my pain even increased, however, next day my neck was much better (more relaxed and without pain) and my ear was getting better. After three more sessions I have had no pain in my neck and my ear. I was always tired and sleepy and I had little pain straight away after the sessions, however, next day everything was fine. I have taken four session of Bowen Therapy with Greg all together. I noticed straight results with my neck and ear. I can say that I sleep better and I feel much much better. If you need help don't hesitate and contact with Greg, he and the Bowen Therapy can really help you!!!

///Alex - Swimming instructor

Neck stiffness & ear pain - Bowen technique

Bowen Therapy with Greg has helped on couple occasions over the last year. I have experienced lower back pain for a while. I was really supprised, that after only one session I didn't feel any more pain. I have also suffered with stress related shoulders and neck discomfort. I couldn't sleep well and I felt a lot of tension in these areas. After technique the tension has gone and my body was able to completely relax. I also slept much better. 


/// Ela - Teacher

Lower back pain, stress related shoulders and neck discomfort - Bowen technique

I had ankles accident during the self-defense training. I wasn't able to make any step and the pain was so strong then even blanket on my feet make a very strong pain. I was sure that to go on Monday and work was impossible and even worse my holiday in 5 days is not will be as I imagined.I was not able to make even one little step and move my toes.I had two ideas - go to hospital or take a Gregory's treatment (as I've remembered that Gregory fix my tennis elbow month ego). Happily I asked Gregory to make a treatment. The next day in the morning my husband can't believe when I stood next to our bed with coffee.What happened I can compare only to the miracle.It is difficult to believe. I was able to walk. On this Monday I was riding a bicycle to my office. And I could feel only a little pain.

/// Kamila - Acupuncturist and Herbalist

Accident during the self-defense training - Bowen technique

Few months ago, I had a serious accident on the mountain bike. I ended up with lots of bruises on my back arm and head. All of this healed very well but the neck pain and when trying to turn my head left and right was so bed i went to 3 different masseurs. The pain stopped for awhile, not for long. When I came to Greg, I didn't really expect much from his Bowen Technique. But after 3 session and 4 weeks the pain was gone. I would definitely recommend this service and knowledge. Thank You Greg.

/// Simon - Web Developer

Mountain bike accident - Bowen technique

I had been struggling with shoulder and neck pain for quite a while, and it was getting worse by the day until my friend recommended me to visit Greg. So I went, and thank goodness I did! Greg quickly diagnosed my problem and conducted Bowen therapy for 2 sessions. It's a very unusual and minimalist technique, but I could definitely feel the difference after the first session - it felt like my body was back to reset. Over the next week I could feel a bit of stiffness and tingling in the affected area, but the pain was gone! By the end of the second session I was back to normal, and the stiffness had considerably reduced. I think Greg did a great job, there was no medication involved, just the three W's - water, walking, wait. Which was great because I prefer not to rely on allopathic medication and painkillers too much. Overall really pleased with it, I would strongly recommend Greg, he's a wonderful person, a definite expert in his field. Thanks again!

/// Rohan M. - Office worker

Neck and shoulder pain - Bowen technique

I would like to strongly recommend Gregory’s treatments. I am 37 weeks pregnant now and, I had reflexology for pregnant women for 2 months already. We meet every week and after every session, I feel more relaxed and ready for new experience with my pregnancy without any fear that my body won’t be able to cope with it. The best at this stage of pregnancy is that I don’t have swollen legs and wrists after the treatment and it is amazing relief. I think that Gregory’s treatments helped me a lot of with positive attitude towards labour and copying with any discomfort in my body. I also feel that I gave the best to my baby boy and reflexology is one of the things shaping my joyful experience through pregnancy.

/// Matylda H. - Expectant Mother

Pregnancy - Pregnancy reflexology

I came to Greg when I had excruciating back pain and I was recommended to go to him. After my frist session I had so much relief that it was unbelievable.  After about 3 sessions I completely forgot abut my back pain and was completely pain free. Greg is not your usual therapist who looks at the clock and rushes things. He tries to understand where your problem lies, politely discusses the problems and focuses his attention there. He realized that there was prolem in my lower back and that I had stiffness in my legs and feet. He concentrated on those areas. Another great thing is that Greg is knowledgeable about various techniques, traditional and sports therapy, and uses a combination of all these to get you moving. I would strongly recommend Greg to everyone and trust him anytime I have any issues with my back.

/// Chetan B. - IT Teacher

Lower back pain - Sports massage

I have used Greg regularly for the last 8 months for reflexology and the results have been amazing. My initial few sessions were painful but the sessions are now very comfortable and pleasant. When I first started there were patches and marks on my feet and I am delighted to note that these have disappeared completely. Thank you Greg! Greg has a very good attitude, his time keeping is brilliant and I look forward to meeting him every week. He is knowledgeable and a caring, enthusiastic individual who strives to please his clients. I cannot recommend him highly enough. A few sessions will show the result.

/// Nadeem - Chartered Accountant

General wellness - Reflexology

Hands that heal. Being at home I suddenly bent down to pick up something from the floor and felt a terrible pain. I had a problem with straightening up. Immediately I called Greg told what happened. He quickly diagnosed and gave me a treatment. After literally 10 minutes I felt relieved and the next day I did not feel any pain at all! Once again, Greg did not disappoint me, because it's not the first time he put me on my feet. Thank you!

/// Ewelina O. - Sports Manager

Strained back muscle - Sports massage

I recently had a bad fall, and after treatment by my doctor he suggested leg massage and reflexology.  Grzegorz was recommended to me by friends an how right they were.  I have been to a number of reflexologists in my time but he is the best by far.  Thoroughly recommended.

/// Geoffrey Newman - Pensioner

Leg injury - Sports massage & reflexology

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