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Pics from our MLT treatments
leech therapy uk
rheumatoid arthrisis treatment
medicinal leech therapy
Rheumatoid arthritis

Case history:

34 years old, female, office worker, diagnosed with early onset of Rheumatoid arthritis. The client couldn't flex finger for 2 weeks. After one application of 4 leeches could bend fingers after 2 days, the major swelling subsided and after one week hand returned to normal look and function.

leech therapy london
leech therapy london

Case history:

56 years old, female, retired, fall down from the stairs bruising severely her buttock. The client couldn't seat down on the chair, but she had upcoming flight. After application of 3 leeches eased pain and mobility immediately after treatment. Treatment was repeated next day to enhance the therapeutic effect - visible reduction of swelling on day 2.

hirudoterapia londn
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and food allergies

Case history:

48 years old, accountant, client suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from 6 years, and developing new food-allergies every year, sleeping only 3 hours a day only after alcohol (only this put him to sleep), having simple food. After application of 6 leeches, the client got relief 3 days after treatment. Could eat more food again (after 6 years of starvation), exercise, sleep, relax easier and didn't need alcohol anymore.

pijawki londyn
Tooth infection/abscess

Case history:

Leech for tooth infection (antibiotics didn't help) of 32 years old, male, car mechanic. Application one leech to the gum below abscess. The client didn't notice any pain during treatment. Next day in the morning was a pain - free. After treatment client still was advised to visit a dentist.

leech therapy london
Chronic wrist pain

Case history:

31 years old massage therapist suffers from chronic pain in the wrist, due to his occupation and overuse of the hands. Application of 4 leeches along wrist flexors relieved pain after 3 days, also reduced 'cracking' of the wrist joint. Treatment was repeated after 6 months.

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