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Hirudotherapy (Medicinal Leeches Therapy) is a scientifically proven treatment using medicinal leeches. Hirudo medicinalis, Hirudo Verbana or Hirudo Orientalis have been used to treat patients for centuries. In the past, leeches have proved to be an effective treatment for a number of conditions including battle wound treatment. Currently, leeches may be used to assist in the treatment of abscesses, arthritis, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, thrombosis and some venous disorders. Medical leeches may also be used in plastic surgery and in some blood circulatory problems. During feeding, leeches secrete a complex mixture of different biologically and pharmacologically active substances into the wound. Hirudin is the prominent constituent of leech saliva. It is sometimes used to describe all the active constituents in the leech saliva.

The name of hirudotherapy comes from the word „hirudo”, which means „leech”.

The compounds that can be found in leech’s saliva - commonly known as „hirudosubstances” – are called Salivary Glands Secretion (SGS). SGS contains more than 120 - 140 bioactive substances, some of them are still being examined. The knowledge of how do they work and what are the health profits is the thing that gives us new therapeutic opportunities.


The most common bioactive substance which released from saliva of Leech includes as: hirudin, hyaluronidase, Calin, destabilase, Apyrase, Eglins (elastase cathepsin G inhibitors), Bdellins, Decorsin (antagonist glycoprotein , Inhibitor of platelet aggregation), Hirustatin, Piguamerin (inhibitor of plasma kallikrein), Platelet activation antagonist (antithrombic effect) Tryptase inhibtors, Chloromycentyn (antibiotic), Histamine like substances, complement inhibitors, Carboxypeptidase A inhibitors and Acetylcholine.

Leeches have been used as therapy in Veterinary Medicine to treat disease of domestic animals. The most common indication of Leech therapy are including diseases which concerned with inflammation, hip and elbow dysplasia, disease of tendons, ligament and fascia, disease of vertebrae and treatment of scar.



  • postoperative wound

  • spinal osteoarthritis

  • aural hematoma

  • discopathies

  • cauda equina syndrome

  • hip and elbow dysplasia

  • neuritis

  • eczema of the ear

  • poor wound healing

  • post-surgical scars

  • tendinitis

  • tenosynovitis

  • mastitis


  • postoperative wound

  • discopathies

  • polycythaemia vera

  • eczema

  • abscesses

  • strained ligament

  • dysplasia of the knee

  • inflammation of the knee

  • neuritis

  • mastitis


  • mud fever

  • laminitis

  • tendinitis

  • tenosynovitis

  • ataxias

  • myositis

  • spinal osteoarthritis

  • arthritis in the shoulder joint

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