Metoda Dorna

Terapia kręgosłupa

technika bowena londyn
technika bowena uk
Metoda Dorna jest holistyczną niemanipulatyną, nie 'strzelającą' terapią 
kręgosłupa i stawów, jest  delikantną alternatywą 
do Osteopatii czy Kręgarstwa.

The DORN Method or better said its therapy part is a gentle vertebrae and joint treatment. It can be helpful for treating illnesses directly or indirectly connected to the spinal column. It is completely safe but still very effective.

Our skeleton should be symmetrical, harmonic and in a static-dynamic alignment equilibrium. When we 'upset' this 'bone order' then our joints may be moved out of place especially in the spine. 

The results of long-term 'bone dislocations' are as diverse as there are names for illnesses today. When the skeleton is re-aligned people often feel better fast and symptoms of illness can disappear or abate.

The DORN Method is based on the correction of uneven leg length which can be diagnosed in almost every human today. Because of that the pelvis becomes twisted, or the twisted pelvis causes this functional leg length discrepancy, and this often results in an asymmetrical, crooked or displaced spinal column. The Method is based on natural laws of physics and anatomy and combines TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Principals/Knowledge with Western techniques 
and principals and has produced great results over many years now.


Positive results are often immediately achieved and with some easy exercises, that the patient does after the treatment, the Dorn Method can bring long-lasting relief. Dorn method is often combined with Breuss massage for better results.

Czy Metoda Dorna jest podobna do Kęgarstwa czy Osteopaii?


  1. Abrupt, fast corrections

  2. Uses traction (stretching)

  3. Correction in static position

  4. Surprises the muscles

  5. Very few repetitions possible

  6. Patient stays passive

  7. Numerous contra-indications

  8. Some risk (if done incorrect)

  9. Few explanations to patient

  10. No Self Help Exercises


  1. Gentle, sensitive corrections

  2. Uses gentle pressure only (no traction)

  3. Correction in a dynamic (motion)

  4. Diverts the muscles attention

  5. Unlimited repetitions possible

  6. Patient cooperates actively

  7. Very few contra-indications

  8. Almost no risk (Dorn Method way!)

  9. Detailed explanations to patient

  10. Numerous Self Help Exercises

* Please note The Dorn Method can be combined with classical chiropractic however the Dorn Method should be applied after any Chiro-Treatments.

Metoda Dorna może pomóc w wielu problemach:
  • bóle pleców

  • bóle szyi

  • bóle barków i łokci

  • zespół cieśni nadgarstka

  • bóle głowy, migreny

  • problemy bioder/kolan/kostki

  • problemy ze szczęką

  • rwa kulszowa

  • skolioza

  • szumy uszne

  • różnica w długości nóg

  • zapobieganie problemów kręgosłupa oraz innych stawów

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