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"With ice massage Ice Up, the massage are ready for me...anytime, anywhere!!"


Scott Jurek - PT and ultra marathon champion.

Ice massage applies not only to physiotherapy but in professional and recreational sports disciplines. After sports work-out can efficiently help regenerate tired muscles, joints, and tendons. Its appeal lies in the combination of cold stimulation and massage.


Ice massage can also be used preventively to massage the muscles, tendons, and ligaments before exercise. It is especially helpful before stretching exercises because it relaxes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Through ice massage during a warm bath, increases metabolic rate and this causes eg. Fat burning.


Ice massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation of these places, causing their strong blood circulation and thus stimulates the body to collect fat from these places. Ice massage - slims, shapes the body, anti-cellulite.

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Benefits of

Ice massage:

  • stimulates skin micro-circulation

  • reduces swelling and pain due to injury

  • aids muscle recovery after sports activity

  • stimulates immunity

  • increase range of movement

  • improve lymphatic and blood circulation

  • increases oxygen and nutrients level in the blood

  • works anti-inflammatory

  • improve the function of the heart and respiratory system

  • effective therapy for ligament, tendon and muscular injuries

  • relaxing

  • reduces cellulite

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